Ghost Restaurants Simplified


Ghostaurant is empowering small businesses with straightforward, flexible access to ghost restaurants.

Your new Ghostaurant will be live on Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, BiteSquad and Postmates, all on a single tablet.

Utilizing your existing kitchen space, with ingredients and equipment you already have, you can quickly add a ghost restaurant to your kitchen by becoming a fulfillment partner for any of our concepts.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner with extra capacity in your kitchen or a food entrepreneur looking to build a brand....we can help!

→ We provide you with chef inspired menus with turnkey recipes.

→ We utilize data to help you target new customers and fill slow traffic times with additional orders.

→ We manage your social media accounts and promote your brands using digital advertising.

→ We equip you with software that streamlines all of your online orders onto one platform.


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$0 Overhead

$0 Startup Fee

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